Creative Writing classes for children

Ages: 8-14
Location: Bengallee School Churchgate
Time: Mon through Fri : 4-5 and 5-6pm
Maximum size of each age group: 8-10 students
RSVP: 98676 94029
Focus on: Narrative Descriptive writing, Thinking through Planning and Structuring writing, Building and Expanding Vocabulary, strong focus on Reading with books given(access to extensive class Library with modern Indian American and British chidren's books and Classics) and encouragement of child's individual style and creativity. Both talented and struggling writers nurtured. Check website for samples of work done by children in class and credentials of teacher.

Ways Of Looking At My Brother

Anushri is a v quiet soft spoken creative teenager. Didn't know there was so much creativity bubbling inside her till I looked at her poems. Her different feelings towards her brother are so real - and the metaphors she uses for him - and the overriding feeling of affection beneath all the irritation a little brother or sister can generate!

Ways Of Looking At My Brother

Anirudh is a devil with horns.

But when I look at him, I see an angel with a halo.

He is a naughty demon,

who brings a curse upon the earth

I eye an obedient and pure morTal, a blessing bestowed upon me.

When I see my brother, I feel like I am looking at A part of my mother Another form of God.

When I see my brother, I know I am looking at A part of the Ravan of Lanka Who craved power over all.

So then, Should he be destroyed? Or should he be protected?

- Anushri Jhunjhunwala (13 years)