Picasso Loses His Painting

Long ago there lived a famous artist called Picasso. He made strange paintings, but people would tend to buy them because they were made by a popular person.

One day, Picasso realized that one of his best paintings was missing. Hesearched all over his studio but couldn’t find it. He stood up on a stool an questioned his helpers-“Has anyone seen my best painting ‘The Splitting Lines’?”

“Oh no, dear sir, but we can search for it of you want,” commented the Staff Manager looking rather worried.

“Ok then, you will find it for me. But I want it tomorrow morning. Do you understand?” growled Picasso. Everybody could tell how angry he was!

After Picasso left the room, whispers began about the painting. Picasso took care of his paintings so much. Was it just lost or stolen? Everybody thought it was stolen.

Next morning, Picasso woke up early, eager to reunite with his painting. JHe asked Catherine (his Staff Manager) about it. “I am very sorry sir. We couldn’t find the painting. We think it might be stolen. But don’t worry sir, you can make another painting, right?” apologised Catherine. “If my painting was stolen call all the successful detectives from all over the world. I want them now now now now now!” screamed Picasso at the top of voice. “R-R-Right away sir,” stammered Catherine rushing to the phone booth. After talking for an hour she came back to Picasso and replied, “The detectives are coming tomorrow at 9 am sir.” “Ok” said Picasso controlling his anger.

That night something strange happened. Catherine was going to the studio to get some folders. Suddenly, a scream echoed through the empty corridors of that building. Everybody woke up at once. They quietly went to the studio. Someone started to cry “Oh it must be the burglar!” “Do shut up!” said Picasso, very excited to find the theif. But instead he found Catherine lying of the floor unconscious. A few people brought a bucket of water and sprinkled some on Catherine. She woke up with a scared look on her face.


Picasso questioned her firmly, “What is the meaning if this? What were you doing here in the middle of the night?”

“Sir, I was here because I left some of my folders. When I entered the room, I saw a dark black figure. I screamed. I tried to catch it thinking it was the thief. Theni bumped into something. And then I think I fainted.” Picasso was very confused. Here he was thinking that he would catch the thief and there the thief managed to escape.

Next morning, everybody was very sleepy. The night had been a difficult one for them. After that incident, Picasso had given a long speech about the missing painting. He had said that he would make the one stand who was sleeping.

At 9 o’clock the detectives started to come. When they heard about the problem they were surprised. Just for a small picture Picasso was doing so much.

They commented to him “ Mr Picasso it is just a small mini painting, you can always make a new one, am I not roight sir?” “That painting of mine is a masterpiece! I want you to find it right away!” hollered Picasso stressing of every word.

One day, a detective found the painting behind a curtain. He screeched “I have found it!” Everybody was so relieved to hear this and so was Picasso. After this, everything turned back to normal. But there was one doubt “Who was the dark black figure that Catherine had seen?”