Creative Writing classes for children

Ages: 8-14
Location: Bengallee School Churchgate
Time: Mon through Fri : 4-5 and 5-6pm
Maximum size of each age group: 8-10 students
RSVP: 98676 94029
Focus on: Narrative Descriptive writing, Thinking through Planning and Structuring writing, Building and Expanding Vocabulary, strong focus on Reading with books given(access to extensive class Library with modern Indian American and British chidren's books and Classics) and encouragement of child's individual style and creativity. Both talented and struggling writers nurtured. Check website for samples of work done by children in class and credentials of teacher.

Stuck in the Lift

Aditya is an imp who cannot sit still but he is a great writer - when he puts his mind to it.His piece is fabulous because of what I call a "mini portrait" - the brief description of his friend Sharad and also short phrases that make the writing very visual - like "twinkle in his eye" and "shuffled clumsily through his bag" or auditory like "screeched to a halt". We call this "using the cinematic technique" because the writing unfolds like a movie.Try gathering more such phrases from books you like to read, and note them in a diary for future use.